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1. Advertising Information
¬†Advertising Information As an Ethiopian tourism operator, you are eligible for a free link on Ethiopian Tourism Guide. You can also upgrade your link to one of our competitively priced options to really ...
2. Link to Us
... Site Ethiopian Tourism Guide offers you two types of linking options: Text links Button links Text Links - This is the most basic of our links, simply displaying our name (or name and description) ...
3. Useful Contacts
... Website: Ethiopian Tourism Commission PO Box, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel. 251-1-510500 Fax: 251-1-515777 Email: Ethiopian ...
4. The State of Tigray
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... Silica sand, Kaolin, graphite, gypsum gemstone, marble, granite slate, limestone and dolomite are among the non-metallic minerals. TOURISM AND HERITAGE Tigray is among the few in the world, frequently ...
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... cover around 18% of the state. TOURISM Some of the major tourist attractions of the State are lakes like Awassa, Abaya and Chamo. Tropical forests such as Kaffecho, Shekecho and Omo zones are wonderful ...
6. The State of Oromia
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... have immense hydroelectric power potential. TOURISM AND HERITAGE Besides the large and endemic varieties of fauna and bird species of the Awash and the Bale Mountains National Park, the Rift-Valley lakes ...
7. The State of Harari People
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... The average annual intensity of precipitation is about 750-1,000 mm. The mean amount of rainfall over three years as registered 10 years ago was 1,509 mm. TOURISM AND HERITAGE The origin of the walled ...
8. The State of Benishangul-Gumuz
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
The State of Benishangul-Gumuz Capital City Location Area Population Major Economic Activities Topography and Climate Rivers and Lakes Fauna Mineral Tourism and Heritage Investment ...
9. The State of Gambella
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... LAKES Baro, the only navigable river in Ethiopia, is found in this State. It connects the region with the Sudan. TOURISM AND HERITAGE Gambella national park is safari in the western savanha lowlands ...
10. Dire Dawa Administrative Council
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... Dawa. Agriculture There is 10,370 hectares of farmland that produces maize, sorghum, chat, coffee, and various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Cultural Heritage and Tourism The city has cultural as well ...
11. The State of Amhara
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... lignite, gypsum, gemstone, silica, sulfur and bentonite. Hot springs and mineral water are also found in the region. TOURISM AND HERITAGE The 12th century Rock-Hewn churches of Lalibela, and the palaces ...
12. The State of Afar
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... source for electricity. The state has also a plausible source for solar energy. TOURISM AND HERITAGE Awash natural reserve, Yagundu-Ras national park and the Dallol depression are expressions of Ethiopia's ...
13. Addis Ababa City Council
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... sheep and goats, 5,531 equines, 539 beehives, 39,000 poultry, and 36,684 other domestic animals. Tourism The Entoto St. Mary Museum, at 3,200 meters above sea level, harbors articles of historical significance ...
14. Archeological Attractions
... doubt, close to Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Source : Ethiopian tourism commission  ...
15. Facts about Ethiopia
(About Ethiopia/Ethiopian History)
... tourism set to make an increasingly important contribution. Government The former military regime was overthrown in 1991.Ethiopia is now a Federal Republic made up of 14 regions, mainly based on ethnicity. ...
16. Credit
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... of Ethiopian Tourism and Culture. * Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ministry of Foreign affairs and Hosthabesha PLC for their significant contribution.   Habtamu Legaba Web administrator   ...
17. Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy INTRODUCTION Habtnet Web Solutions has developed an Ethiopia Tourism Directory which provides capability to disseminate information on Ethiopia and travel to Ethiopia to interested ...
18. Ethiopian Map
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19. Ethiopia - A land of Discovery
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¬†Ethiopia - A land of Discovery Welcome to the ultimate source of real and reliable information about Ethiopian Tourism. This website is designed to provide you with one-stop solution for all your safari ...
20. Travel and Tourism Directory
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