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1. Dalol(Denakil Depression)
... colorful landscape for real adventures. Another wonderful event is the salt extraction from the nearby lake Asale. The local people supply salt to the Tigray dwellers. The only means of transportation ...
2. The State of Tigray
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
State of Tigray The State of Tigray consists of 4 administrative zones, one special zone, 35 woredas and 74 towns. The State Council which is the highest administrative body of the state is made ...
3. The State of Gambella
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... nationalities of the State are Nuer, Agnuak, Mezhenger, Apana and Komo. Moreover, the Oromo, Amhara, Kembta, Keffa, Tigray and other nations and nationalities live in the State. Of the total ethnic composition ...
4. The State of Amhara
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... shares common borders with the state of Tigray in the north, Afar in the east, Oromiya in the south, Benishangul/Gumuz in the south west, and the Republic of Sudan in the west. AREA The State of Amhara ...
5. The State of Afar
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... The region has common boundaries with the State of Eritrea in the north-east, with Tigray in the north-west, with Amhara in the south-west, with Oromia in the south, with the State of Somalia in the south-east ...
6. People & Culture
(About Ethiopia/Culture & People)
... different groups is in the jewellery, the hair styles and the embroidery of the dresses. The women of Amhara and Tigray wear dozens of plaits (sheruba), tightly braided to the head and billowing out at ...
7. History of Ethiopia
(About Ethiopia/Ethiopian History)
Ethiopia’s history as an organized and independent polity dates back to about 100 BC with a kingdom at Axum in the Northern Regional state (Killil) of Tigray. But the Axumite kingdom as a state, emerged ...
8. Axum
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...  Urban Center: 47,320 Regional (Tigray): 4,334,996 Geographical Location: Altitude: 2,150 m (7,052ft) Ethiopia’s northern most state, Tigray, contains the first outposts of the high and mountainous ...
9. Negash
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Negash is a small village located 60 Kms East of Mekele, the Capital of Tigray region. It is Anonymous with Islam as it is the place were the first mosque was constructed in Ethiopia. It also ...
10. Useful Phrases
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...  Go Rakoon Ingiruu No problem Tigrigna "Tigrigna" - the language of Tigray and Eritrea, and is related to Amharigna   Kamelekhum?  ...