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1. The State of Oromia
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... and the rift-valley lakes Ziway, Abiyata, Shala, and Langano are found in this region. They have immense potential for recreation and fishery development. FAUNA There are around 800 bird species and more ...
2. Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park
(National Park/Abijjata-Shalla NP )
Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park is formed by the twin lakes of Abyata and Shala. It has a total area of 887 square kilometers (550 square miles) in size, of which 482 ...
3. Ethiopian Rift Valley
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... that range from hot,dry and barren places to a string of beautiful lakes.between the two escarpments, and far below, lie the glittering watery jewels of Lake Awasa, Lake Shala, Lake Abijatta, Lake Langano ...