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1. Things to Do
... of the birds: Lammergeyer or the bone breaker is quite common in the Simien Mountains. Shoebill or Whale headed stork is also common in Gambella and Ethio-Sudan border. Ethiopian Bush Crow is a localized ...
2. The State of Oromia
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' and the state of Gambella in the south. AREA Based on the political map (1994 Population and Housing Census Commission, CSA), the estimated area of the State of Oromia ...
3. The State of Gambella
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
The State of Gambella The State of Gambella is composed of two administrative zones and eight woredas. CAPITAL CITY Gambella is the capital city of the region. LOCATION The State ...
4. Rivers and Lakes
(About Ethiopia/Lakes & rivers)
... ensure that many other different species should be spotted. Baro River The Baro River area, accessible by land or air through the western Ethiopian town of Gambella, remains a place of adventure and challenge. ...
5. Gambela National Park
(National Park/Gamella NP)
... Gambella) gives access to the GambeIa National Park. The undulating plains of high Sudanese grass offer excellent opportunities for wilderness exploration. It is not particularly easy to ...