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1. Bahir Dar
Bahir Dar Bahir Dar is a modern small town on the southeastern shore of Lake Tana in the north of Ethiopia. It hosts the fabled Blue Nile falls, the beautiful highland Lake Tana and 14th-century island ...
2. Things to Do
... and the Blue Nile. With its spirited rapids, innumerable side creeks and waterfalls, sheer inner canyons, hot springs, abundant wildlife and exotic tribal peoples combine to make the Omo one of the world's ...
3. Ethiopian Wildlife
(About Ethiopia/Ethiopian Wildlife)
... in their other habitats Some live at Debre Sina not far from Addis Ababa and others at Debre Libanos on the way to the Blue Nile; there are also small populations in the Mulu and Bole Valley gorges. But ...
4. The State of Amhara
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... by three river basins, namely the Abbay, Tekezze and Awash drainage basins. The Blue Nile (Abbay) river is the largest of all covering approximately 172,254 Km2. Its total length to its junction with the ...
5. Rivers and Lakes
(About Ethiopia/Lakes & rivers)
... and bird-watching. Halmet shrikes are also found in great numbers, along with the butcher-birds. Lake Tana Lake Tana, the largest lake, in Ethiopia is the source and from where the famed Blue Nile starts ...
6. The Blue Nile Falls
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The Blue Nile Falls Known locally as Tis Isat - 'Smoke of Fire' the Blue Nile Falls is the most dramatic spectacle on either the Blue Nile rivers. Four hundred metres (1,312 feet) wide when in flood, ...
7. Facts about Ethiopia
(About Ethiopia/Ethiopian History)
... of the region (the Blue Nile contributes to 85% of the main Nile flow) and plans are now in progress to better exploit the country‚Äôs water resources both to boost agricultural production and for power ...
8. Natural Attractions
(Attractions/Natural attrations)
Natural Attractions The Blue Nile falls Dalol (Denakil Depression) The Ethiopian Rift Valley  ...