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1. Historical Attractions
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Historical Attractions Axum Lalibela Gondar Harar Debre Damo Yeha Negash  ...
2. The State of Tigray
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... for its pre-Christian monuments. The Axum obelisks or Steles (2nd century BC), the pre-Axumite Yeha’s "Temple of The Moon" (5th century BC), bath and palace of the Queen Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant, ...
3. History of Ethiopia
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... Wallo); its major centers were at Axum and Adulis. Earlier centers, such as Yeha, also contributed to its growth. At the kingdom's height, its rulers over the Red sea coast from Sawak in present day Sudan, ...
4. Axum
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5. Yeha
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Ethiopia's earliest known capital, Yeha, is less than two hours' drive from Axum through some dramatic highland scenery. As the birthplace of the country's earliest high civilization, it is well worth ...