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(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... 300 species of birds. Some of the wild animals found in this State are Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Leopard, Zebra, Monkey, Lesser kudu, Water Buck, Corocodile, Rhinoceros, Warthogs, and Buffalo. NATURAL ...
2. The State of Afar
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... and warthog. Besides, Hadar, where a 4.4 million years old humanoid is recently discovered is found in this state. INVESTMENT Eighty-one private investors of which 60 are active, have been given licenses ...
3. Gambela National Park
(National Park/Gamella NP)
... waterbuck, Roan antelope, zebra, bushbuck, Abyssinian reedbuck, warthog, hartebeest, hyena, lion and elephant. Unfortunately, there are very few animals to be seen in the park, but the birds ...
4. Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park
(National Park/Abijjata-Shalla NP )
... some others include White-necked Cormorant, African Fish Eagle, Egyptian Geese, various Plover species, and Herons. Local mammals are not numerous but include Grant’s gazelle, Greater Kudu, Oribi, Warthog ...