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1. The State of Afar
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... desert beauty. Some of the attractions of this game reserve include Abyssinian wild ass, Grevy's zebra, beisa oryx, crocodiles, lions, grater kudu, wild (bat eared) fox, wild cat, cheetah, Grant's gazelle, ...
2. Addis Ababa City Council
(regional information/ethiopian regions)
... Postal Museum, photographs depicting the development of the city (at Addis Ababa Museum), and parks, where lions and cubs, monkeys and baboons are caged are some of the spots to visitors. Investment  ...
3. People & Culture
(About Ethiopia/Culture & People)
... style of dress is found among the Oromo horsemen of the central highlands, who, on ceremonial days such as Maskal, attire themselves in lions' manes or baboon-skin headdresses and, carrying hippo-hide ...
4. History of Ethiopia
(About Ethiopia/Ethiopian History)
... era of the princess, but his ambitions were not those of the regional nobility. After controlling Shewa, he faced constant rebellions in other provinces, despite the fact that he could reign in a relatively ...
5. Awash National Park
(National Park/Awash NP)
... are found in the riverside and drier areas respectively. Leopards, Lions, Black-Backed and Golden Jackals, Caracals, Servals and Wildcats are also seen in the park very rarely. Until recently, 2003, ...