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1. Bale Mountain National Park
(National Park/Gamella NP)
... established to protect the two endemic mammals: the Mountain Nyala and the Semien Fox or Jackal.  ...
2. Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park
(National Park/Abijjata-Shalla NP )
... and Golden Jackal. Besides, some of the scenery is very beautiful, especially at dusk; the sight of Pelicans dipping into the silver waters of Lake Abyata is unforgettable.    ...
3. Awash National Park
(National Park/Awash NP)
... are found in the riverside and drier areas respectively. Leopards, Lions, Black-Backed and Golden Jackals, Caracals, Servals and Wildcats are also seen in the park very rarely. Until recently, 2003, ...