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Meneliks Bushbuck

meneliks bushbuckThe family of Mountain Nyala, the Kudu, the Bango, etc. Over 40 races of Bushbucks are identified in the world so far; two of them Menelik and Powelli Bushbucks are found in Ethiopia.
Menelik Bushbuck has white or black hairs than run down to the center of the bank while the female has white spot on the cheek and blackish collar on its lower neck.
Bushbuck is widely spread on highland forests of up to 40 meters. It is easier to see the Buck in the Bale mountains and Subba forest. High altitude with lower temperature is conducive for solitary Bucks. But Bucks are commonly seen in pairs in the Bale mountain national park.
Bushbuck stands from 80-90cm at the shoulder and higher at the ramp. Horns, which characterized only the male, reach a length of up to 34.93cms.
Bushbucks spend the day lying in the bush where there is no chance of hunting them. They have loud alarm call, which at times is made repeatedly. Bushbuck can see at anytime of the day, yet more common from about 4 o’clock onwards in the early morning.