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Mountain Nyala

mountain nyalaAnother of Ethiopias many endemic species stately, the mountain Nyala has white marking on the legs and white spots on the face. The female are seen in parties of 10-15. However, males are commonly observed lonesome. An old male Nyala has dark gray colour while the female is redder.
Females possess long necks and large ears but not horns like the males whose horns extend 88cm. A Nyala stands 135cm at the shoulder and weights 200-250kgs. And the weight of the bull reaches to 300kgs.
Nyala lie in shady places during the hottest time of the day. Therefore, the best time to watch Nyala is 5 in the afternoon. It is also seen in the morning and evening when it descends down the mountain for grazing.
Though little is known about the habitats of Nyala, is not and endangered species. The Bale mountain national park alone hosts about 4,000-5,000 Nyalas. Some are seen in Arsi highlands. Nyala is the most impressive mammal with worth watching, especially the old bull.

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