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Lakes Abaya and Chamo

Lake Abaya & Lake ChamoThe two southernmost links in the chain of ethiopia’s Rift Valley LakesAbaya (551 square kilometers) and Chamo(1,160 square kilometeres) – are also the lushest in vegetation, richest in wildlife and, to many, the most beautiful. The lakes support numerous species of fish, and hordes of hippos and crocodiles.
The bluff between the two lakes, known locally as the ‘Bridge of Heaven’ is carpeted with luxuriant vegetation and gives life to numerous springs. The nearby town of Arba Minch- meaning ’40 springs’- takes its name from these gushing streams.
The shores and islands of Abaya and Chamo are populated by the Ganjule and the Guji , who both follow ancient traditions of hippo hunting.

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