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AxumAxum is an ancient town in northern Ethiopia. It lies at an elevation of about 2100 meters just west of Adwa in Tigrai region. Once the seat of the kingdom of Axum, it is now a tourist town and religious centre best known for its antiquities tall granite obelisks, 126 in all, stand (or lie broken) in the central square. Once measuring 33 meters, now fallen, is said to be the tallest obelisk ever erected. The obelisks range from nearly plain slabs to intricately inscribed pillars. Door and window-like shapes are carved into some of the pillars, giving them the appearance of slender buildings. The most recent of the obelisks announces the adoption of Christianity in the 4th century by king Ezana. At least 27 carved stone thrones have been unearthed in the overgrown ruins of the ancient palace.

General Information

Population (2006):

Urban Center: 47,320

Regional (Tigray): 4,334,996

Geographical Location:

2,150 m (7,052ft)

Ethiopia’s northern most state, Tigray, contains the first outposts of the high and mountainous escarpment in which this country’s remarkable civilization was born and nurtured. Towards the edge of this escarpment, the city of Axum emerged. Axum is set amid a smooth grassy plain, in contrast to the jagged peaks and maze of ravines which virtually isolates it from the outside world.

What to See

Place to Visit:


  • Church of St.Mary of Zion
  • Stelea field
  • Tombs of kings Kaleb and Gebremeskel
  • Ruin Palace of Queen Sheba
  • Archeological Sites

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