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Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar & Surrounding Bahir Dar is a modern small town on the southeastern shore of Lake Tana in the north of Ethiopia. It hosts the fabled Blue Nile falls, the beautiful highland Lake Tana and 14th-century island monastic churches.
It lays on a altitude of 1850 metres and has a very nice center with wide lanes, surrounded by palmtrees, lots of gardens and tropical flowers and plant.
From Bahir Dar you have to explore some of the ancient monasteries that have been built around Lake Tana or on the many islands in the lake. There are 37 islands dotted all over the lake and 30 of them house churches and monasteries of great cultural and historical interest. They contain beautiful manuscripts, objects of worship and crosses dating back to the dawn of Christianity.
These include Dek Stephanos, with a good collection of icons, as well as the remains of several medieval emperors, Kebran Gabriel (closed to women), and Ura Kidane Mehret with its famous frescoes.

General Information

Population (2006):

Regional (Amhara): 19,120,005

Bahar Dar & its Surroundings: 270,000

Geographical Location:

Altitude: 1,802 m (5,910 ft)

Situated on Lake Tana’s south-eastern shore, it is the starting point of any visit to the Blue Nile Falls. Covering more than 3,600 square kilometers, Tana is Ethiopia’s largest lake.The Blue Nile River flows out of the lake with tremendous force and volume over the basalt shoulder of a giant cataract and downwards towards the deserts of Sudan, on its way to Egypt. The power of the river is relly felt at the Blue Nile Falls, also known as Tis Isat. Rivaling the attraction of the Blue Nile Falls are 37 islands. Some 20 of these shelter churches and monasteries of significant historical cultural interest.

What to See

Places to Visit :

Kebran Gebriel monastery

Ura Kidane Mehret monastery

Dega Estefanos monastery and other monasteries

Blue Nile Falls

Where to Stay


Deb Anbesa Hotel

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Ethio Star Hotel

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Ghion Hotel*

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Papyrus Hotel

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Tana Hotel ***

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