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Addis Ababa does not have a metro railway service. However,the following means of transportation are available.


If you want to take a bus to travel to the rural parts of the country, you have to buy tickets at the major bus terminal located in Merkato or the other mini bus terminal around Legehar(La Gare) railway station.You also have to come very early to the bus terminal on the day you travel. In any case, please consult your travel agent. There are also city buses painted in red and yellow. If you are not familiar with the stops for boarding on and off, it is preferable not to use them. Otherwise, you need to ask accurate information or communicate with your guide.


You find taxis painted in cream yellow around the Bole International Airport and some big hotels. They can take you to any place you want. But, first don’t forget to bargain the fare. There are also other taxis painted in blue and white. These are private taxis hired on contract basis. Apart from these taxis, you have mini-buses painted in blue and white. You can use them to travel from one part of the city to the other. For short distances they charge you 0.70 cents and for longer ones one Birr and 55 cents or a little more. Don’t worry! These are fixed taxi fares.


There is a 782-km railway that stretches from Addis Ababa to Djibouti. During its journey, the train stops at various towns including Diredwa. At present, it provides only cargo services.


The Ethiopian airlines has direct flights to 26 African countries, Europe, Asia and the USA . It also gives rapid and efficient local flight services. The price is not expensive. For further information, please contact your travel agent. Furthermore, there are British, Lufthansa and other airways.
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